by Daniel Mark Harrison

Combating Bitcoin's Price Deflation

Bitcoin is rising faster than the market around it can afford. This will ultimately have a suffocating effect on prices. I suggest a solution using a 2013 vintage Blockchain. (2017)


The FUTR of Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are able to engineer extraordinary returns as a result of the highly-distributed quality of the digital ledger protocol on which they run. I suggest a way of deliberately engineering such returns. (2018)


The Synthchain

Drawing on content from the previous two Whitepapers, I show how by engineering a synthetic Bitcoin on the Ethereum Virtual Machine employing a CMC-adjusting Oracle it is possible to value digital currencies using DCF. (2018)


Reflected Values & Refracted Utilities In IoT Economies

Read the introduction to the forthcoming final White Paper in this series of four White Papers written over the last 12-18 months period, In this introduction the process of value refraction is discussed alongside the possibility it has for curing the worst economic ailment there is: poverty,