Over 300 Years of Financial Product Innovation Heritage

The founder of DMH&CO is the oldest of nine generations of Britain's main manufacture of banknotes and the British stamp, Harrison & Sons. 


Since early in the 2010s, shortly after Blockchain became a feature of the modern digital economy, DMH&CO has been integrally involved with the process of building new value at the world's newest economic frontier: the decentralised border. DMH&CO is now considered the next generational answer to financial product innovation: financial artistry. 


Where industrialisation brought in the concept of financial engineering, so the technological revolution brings in this newer, more creative and more flexible response. Financial Art is the latest competitive advantage and DMH&CO is at the forefront of the movement to ingratiate it into the  fabric of our forthcoming internet of things (IOT) economy.


Below are zip files of code, white papers and marketing materials for product innovations undertaken by DMH&CO: