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Digital Paper To Become The New Blockchain Innovation Spark-Plug

August 4, 2018

Digital Paper To Become The New Blockchain Innovation Spark-Plug

DMH&CO’s Chairman & CEO and the creator of synthetic blockchain digital paper today advised Blockchain investors to be patient and not to give up hope. In a Discord message Saturday evening Daniel Mark Harrison said:

It is kinda obvious how badly Blockchain investors need digital notes. The reason the prices of assets are collapsing is simple. I have seen it before, It is the same exact reason Bitcoin led the market sharply lower into a recession for years: zero innovation introduced. However, in August 2015 Ethereum was introduced: by around December 2016 things looked considerably better for a large number of investors and the industry was on fire again. Mark my words: this is the exact same effect digital notes will have on the Blockchain.


Digital notes are the badly-needed innovation premium that the industry is looking for. All of your Blockchain investments are in the red now because you have not purchased any real innovation; mere copycat after copycat after copycat. That’s OK when substantial innovation is driving the growth process, but it’s death when none abounds. Fortunately, you also contributed to something of an “outlier” project that no one really expected to have that much impact – but to be fair, a few actually did really believe would, too – which is about to go cross-chain and absorb all the slack in innovation that exists everywhere and propel the market into unprecedented growth.

However, Harrison also cautioned investors to cash out once the going gets good:

Just remember to sell when that happens, because even though digital notes will carry prices for a few rounds more than was previously possible, the bottom always falls out of every mega-trend. Better to have a nice looking, comfy boat waiting for you early than a dingy because you were trying to get a yacht that was too far off shore. And anyway, digital notes are the real deal so they will keep the blockchain in business long enough to morph into a genuinely valuable financial innovation. Either way – that’s my advice.

Digital notes are expected to come to the fore with the re-launch of Coeval at CryptalDash in about a week. Coeval is the fastest-climbing digital asset in crypto history, posting 150,000% gains in 3 weeks in July 2017. Here is to another round of multi-thousand percent returns, then! Heaven knows, we could use them right now!

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