Welcome To The World of Digital Notes!

July 30, 2018


Welcome To The World of Digital Notes!

This is just a quick message about who we are and what we do (i.e. it’s a good place to start if you are new). First and foremost, we are here with one mission: to add value to the utility coin and utility token universe of emergent digital currencies! That’s it. For too long now, everyone has been asking how do we know the value of a cryptocurrency? Simple: you insert it into a digital note mining application and mint a digital note such as MNY!

We created the first ever digital notes Futereum, Monkey and Coeval. is the world’s first central source of information and global digital hub for the dissemination and development of digital notes and everything about them.

Digital notes? What are those? you ask. Well, digital notes are the very latest innovations in Blockchain and digital asset finance. They rise organically in value without having to be invested in interest-bearing accounts, they diversify risk away from the payment maker and out towards the distributed ledger itself and they consolidate the economic benefit in the hands of the holder. In other words, they are everything the Blockchain was first created to become!

Digital notes are not security tokens or securities – they are currencies! Essentially, they are Blockchain tokens that exchange back for the unit of value that once purchased them at the end of a pre-specified cycle that is put in the code and return to that cycle after the re-exchange has taken place. They are not regulated investments and in no way are they affiliated with or even remotely like securitised financial products. They are just the smartest cryptocurrencies there are on the planet today, that’s all!

We publish news, information, updates and notify our readers of events and special occurrences of value that are taking place in the digital note development world. If you would like to contact us, send our editorial staff an e-mail at

If you are new here, and have never heard of us or have no idea on earth what a digital note is. we suggest reading the original White Paper on digital notes, as well as joining our Discord where you will find our lively and welcoming community! For developers, our Github has everything you are looking for! If you are looking to design digital notes for inclusion in the MNY Synthetic Blockchain write to us at


Daniel Mark Harrison (E-Mail)

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer 


Carl Latchford (E-Mail)

Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Publisher


Rene van Norden (E-Mail)

Chief Administrative Officer


Matthew R. Topham (E-Mail)

Editor-in-chief of 

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