"FactoryBanking inventor. Blockchain evangelist."

- Isabella Kaminska, Financial Times

innovation first

In a market such as Blockchain, few innovators are making use of the disruptive power of the digital ledger. Daniel Mark Harrison & Company is different. From the highly original and unique programming of stablecoins with Fibonacci, historical and live price Oracle-powered smart contracts to the reinvention of proof-of-work blockchains, Daniel Mark Harrison is reshaping digital currencies to look like they have never looked before.

financial art

Daniel Mark Harrison is the foremost financial artist in the world, experimenting with utility in a myraid of ways so that it matches up with a fifth dimensional value construct.


more than 300 years of innovation arts

Daniel Mark Harrison is the oldest of the 9th generation of currency printers Harrison & Sons, now the world's largest manufacture of security printed value. Founded in the mid-1700s, with a heritage in printing going back to around 1560, Harrison & Sons was the first printer of the Bible, Shakespeare's works, and later, the printer of stamps and currency for Great Britain and over 150 international currencies. 

Daniel Mark Harrison draws on the enormous heritage afforded him to reinvent the next cycle of financial innovation in currency: digital assets.

Synthetic Utility

Daniel Mark Harrison is the inventor of synthetic utility, a hypothetical fourth currency value-utility dimension which provides digital currencies the amplitude to reflect their own values into one another's utility orbits for multiple value events to occur.  


blockchain protocols


Zurcoin is one of the oldest proof-of work blockchains around and is a household name in blockchain assets.


Synthchain, short for synthetic blockchain, is a type of digital smart contract-based currency innovation.

digital currency

synthetic utillities

Daniel Mark Harrison & Company stamps are backed by mineable cryptocurrency al the time. This cryptocurrency may be purchased with the dmhco stamps. The stamps are convertible into notes where they can be applied to alternate use-cases. 

real purchases

Aside from these synthetic enhancements, DMH&CO stamps can make purchases of a range of luxury products, from 5 star hotel bookings, to mining hashpower even to luxury items.  

investment supported

DMH&CO stamps work in conjunction with Zur Draft and are supported by a range of real investment products which give them a more secure value than any other ERC20 token.

Actual picture of token distribution for dmhco as of Dec 08, 2019

about dmh&co tokens

distribution-enhanced by synthetic masternode innovation

dmhco is equally distributed via synthetic masternode applications, the first of which was Zur Draft, an innovative product developed by Assets House engineer Thomas Loth. In this software, all tokens are sent to one contract address whereupon they are equally distributed to over 1,600 holders of Zur Draft. This synthetic masternode application is the first-of-its-kind. All dmhco tokens are backed by increasing quantities of real, mined cryptocurrency that are mined via blockchain protocols. They can repurchase a proportionate share of these "pool of pools" any time. 

exchanges & trading


Live Updates from all markets listing DMHCO stamps.


There are two trade pairs at Escodex: one in BTC and one in BTS as base pair.


With a brand new state-of-the-art UX and fully-fledged trading community Instant Bitex is becoming a hit. The exchange lists DMHCO.

also by Daniel Mark Harrison


A multi-protocol solution for the conglomeratised digital ledger era

Assets House

Engineering with creative focus: this financial arts hub is the only of its kind.


Updating static protocols with dynamic interactive streaming possibilities.