DMH&CO's novel approach to tackling challenges in areas low on high-level innovation such as real estate development, aviation and blockchain has won the company and its founder significant attention. Despite an avalanche of publicity set on the firm in the wake of a number of controversial initiatives put forth by the company, DMH&CO consistently beat expectations in terms of its ethical handling of complex financial and technical engineering tasks.


If there is one thing that DMH&CO is known best for after the firm's world-class project origination and marketing competency, it is the ideas that the team churn out on a daily basis. Many of our ideas are extremely radical but at the same time there is always a grounding principle of common-sense behind them. That's how we find answers  to problems that haven't been solved in centuries.


Lead by founder Daniel Mark Harrison, DMH&CO is a Blockchain-based world pioneer of financial arts in cryptocurrency and bitcoin price solutions. The firm is run like a centralised printing press imbued with the force of urgency of any start-up in Silicon Valley. This is because while our ideas may be top of the line today,  we are always conscious that a corporation's most recent effort is the one that ends up being the arbiter of its reputation in the next deal. During the past one year period, DMH&CO has released multiple products and thousands of lines of software code that will soon power innovative, original and compliant changes throughout the fintech landscape.


Our Brands

Original & Innovative Solutions


One of the oldest proof-of-work currencies on the Blockchain, dating back to 2013. Now improved with state-of-the art software to give its nemesis, Zur Draft, a Masternode mining feature.


Futereum is the world's first digital note, exchanging in return for Ether (ETH) and refunding ETH to holders at the end of a token issuance cycle. Available as FUTR and FUTX, or on QTUM blockchain as QTUR and QTUX.

The Currency Journal

The Currency Journal is a crypto and blockchain news publication that features hard-hitting analysis and concise, deep research on the blockchain market. Featured on Google News.


Synthchain is the back-end solution to an increasing amount of blockchain architecture and will power an expanding amount of Blockchain infrastructure going forward. Composed of 20 separate smart contracts, the synthetic blockchain allows for value accumulation in digital assets as never before.


MNY, also known by its full name Monkey, is a re-launched former front page top 50 CoinMarketCap asset with over 2,800 tiers of pricing encoded in its smart contract, representing the historical price and block size mining of Bitcoin during the first 8 years of its existence. 


Coeval (COE) is an oracle-supported token that is powered by an API-broadcast program that sets the COE digital note price every 15 minutes. A former front page Top 30 CoinMarketCap token, COE has recently been redesigned and reissued and it is was the winner of the prestigious CryptalDash Exchange Coin Competition (Phase 9).


Being the world's foremost financial products innovation artist carries its share of risks. Our founding philosophy is highly disruptive and our execution is always profit-engineered. As a result of such market distortions, truth is often weighed unfairly in the balance. Here we address recent events with facts.


Monkey Capital is the world's most talked about non-ICO event of the previous summer. We reveal in startling detail how deceptive PR practices conducted by a Florida law firm have sought to influence public opinion . Find full transcripts and detailed insights on the case here. 


Absolute Living Developments (ALD) was a property development company based in Malaysia and the North of England which DMH&CO offered to purchase. Despite being declined, the owners sought to place the blame elsewhere. Finds out what happened here. 


In this 2015 presentation given in Hong Kong, Daniel Mark Harrison outlines the future of Blockchain innovation with what in hindsight appears to be startling precision.


Hard Fork with Daniel Mark Harrison feat. special guest Roger Ver (CEO, - Start following the podcast Hard Fork on YouTube as the DMH&CO founder regularly takes celebrity special guests through their lives, their thoughts and their next big deals. Intelligent, thought-provoking discussions combine with hard-hitting commentary by one of the  world's most controversial new innovators.